The BEAUTY of BOROBUDUR, Largest Temple in the World

The BEAUTY of BOROBUDUR, Largest Temple in the World is amazing if you go there and see the beautiful scenery of his time. This tourism site is the largest temple in the world with an amazing temple, consisting of five rectangular terraces and three circular platforms on top, with a magnificent stupa at the very top. From a distance looks stunning, but the actual magic contained in the intricate carvings on the wall that surrounds the entire complex. The beauty of Borobudur temple Yogyakarta, which is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist shrine in the world. Besides Borobudur is one of the biggest Buddhist monument in the world. Borobudur tourist attraction consists of six square terraces of which there is three circular courtyard. Tourists can see beautiful scenery here.

There are 2672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues that adorn the temple of Borobudur. With a large number of shelters that can find, Borobudur was named the temple which has a relief of Buddha the biggest and most whole in the world. Reliefs carved on the wall is a composition of four main stories, namely: Karmawibangga, Lalita, Jataka-Awadana, and Gandawyuda. But the relief sculpture that not only tells the teachings of the Buddha and his life but communicating progress Javanese society at that time. In addition to four major stories carved on Borobudur temple are cut ten ships, one of which is a ship used to sail the island of Java to the African continent or called by the name of The Cinnamon Route. It is also becoming one of the evidence that the ancestors of the Nation Indonesia are a sailor.

Overview of the History of Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is a relic of history Buddhist. Borobudur temple founded by followers of Mahayana Buddhism is thought to have stood in 800 AD during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty. But based on inscriptions Kayumwungan May 26 824, that Borobudur was founded by King Samaratungga the 8th century until the 9th. The development process itself spent 75 years under the leadership of an architect named Gunadharma. In Gunadharma construction can already apply the concepts interlock to reach 2,000,000 andesite stone block.

Borobudur built in the ninth centuries but, at some point in history, abandoned and left to the natural wilderness. For at least five hundred years of the forest is all coming up the stairs towards the sky. Trees, vines, and animal overtaking one of the greatest creations of man and embraced the rock again. The temple becomes hidden from the human eye.

Borobudur temple built in the eighth century and nine, but in the history mentioned that the temple was abandoned and left to the natural wilderness. The temple becomes hidden from the human eye because of the trees, the vines throughout the rocks. In 1814, when at that time Java was under British rule, the colonial Thomas Stamford Raffles, hear stories from residents located this mysterious structure. Then he sent 200 people to investigate for two months by cutting down trees and plants surrounding her.

Crown Borobudur, which forms the largest existing Main Stupa central area of this temple. The temple is carrying one of the concepts that exist in Buddhism, namely Mandala symbolising the universe cosmology. As the draft then in construction is divided into tiers, namely the world desire or appetite called Kamadhatu, World forms called Rupadhatu, and a world without form called Arupadhatu. If considered in detail this temple looks like describing a Buddha sitting on lotus petals

The Beauty of the Borobudur Scenery Pictures

Here is a picture of a photograph beauty describe Borobudur temple is very impressive, surely you want to go sightseeing there, and maybe you’ve gone there when tourist traffic in your school.

Borobudur temple not only leave history but this temple has its beauty that can enjoy for all visitors. When I was at the peak of the temple of the visitors will be surprised by the beauty of nature is presented. You can read also SEMINYAK BALI BEACH, Beautiful Natural Sights if want to know more about Indonesia. Some of the natural beauty that is, the view of Mount Sindoro, Cleft Mountain, Mount Merapi, Merbabu and Menoreh hills. All its beauty can even be enjoyed in all eye positions for all mountain and foothill like if circling the temple was so visible that this temple is the centre of the beauty of it. Enjoy all the beauty that feels incomplete if it did not enjoy the beauty of Borobudur sunrise and sunset. Some of the visitors who come will spend his time since morning and sunrise in Borobudur just to wait for the beautiful sunrise and sunset.