Consider the Following Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Ready to update your bathroom but don’t have a “sky’s-the-limit” budget? Don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to get the bathroom renovation you’ve always wanted. A bathroom can be transformed on a budget between $1000 and $3000, while the average cost to renovate a bathroom is about $10,000.

Keep the following tips in mind to save cash on your remodel:

  • Tile – If your budget is tight, go easy on the tile, especially if hiring a contractor. Done correctly, a little bit of tile goes a long way in the design scheme. For example, concentrate on just the floor, rather than the floor and the shower walls or use brightly colored or decorative tiles over the sink. Creating a mosaic wall with tile above the bathtub adds a nice wow-factor as does placing a chair-rail height strip of decorative tile on the wall and painting the rest.
  • Cabinets – Instead of tearing out and replacing bathroom vanities and cabinets, consider refinishing, re-staining, or even painting them and applying a faux finish or stenciling them. Cabinets need to be functional as well as attractive so make sure that they offer the storage you need.
  • Plumbing Fixtures – Nothing screams dated like an average chrome faucet in the bathroom. There are countless options for faucets today, ranging from waterfall to touchless, chrome, nickel, or brass in brushed or polished finishes with single or dual controls.
  • Lighting Fixtures – Trading out dated light fixtures for newer options, adds pizazz to any bathroom. Consider incorporating a dimmer switch to create a relaxing evening in your new soaking tub or crank it up for applying makeup in the morning.
  • Re-do or Upcycle – An old tub made out of cast iron, fiberglass, or porcelain can be refinished with a little know-how. Reusing old furniture like dressers or desks, called upcycling, is an excellent way to save money. These items easily allow for a sink insert by cutting a hole in the top, cutting or removing drawers as needed, and creating openings for plumbing fixtures.

Other ideas to renovate a bathroom include upgrading the electrical system to accommodate a wall mounted TV or stereo system or incorporating environmentally friendly features like low-flow commodes and shower heads. If at any time the project grows larger than you can handle, consult a professional remodeler for help, especially when it comes to electrical and plumbing features.