T-shirt Printing Business, Very Profitable Today!

T-shirt Printing Business, Very Profitable Today! Perhaps you have scattered in the area of various types of a printing business. And most often committed by young entrepreneurs is a digital photo printing business. Bekal graphic design and computer science obtained from school or college to make this effort typically cultivated by young people. Since the price of digital printing machines and equipment began to fall, the distribution business becomes the idol as a business area that is excellent prospects.

t-shirt printing

t-shirt printing

But seeing fierce competition in this sector, it helps you also try other similar business, i.e., printing on fabric sheets, in particular, and T-shirt printing. Print any image, logo or writing on a piece of T-shirt. The t-shirt is usually doing with conventional screen printing. You must create nice design at your product!

The drawback of traditional screen printing is a relatively long time to process and print should be in large quantities. So they only serve a lot of orders (e.g., shirt), while consumers who want to make clothes for private collections not served because the company will lose money. Then the solution of these problems is that you have to open/expand the business with the media and a new tool called Digital Printing Machine for T-Shirt Printing Direct To Garment.

By using these tools, you can make a single T-shirt printing with pictures and writing that the customer wants. Different types of cloth can be printed, such as cotton, silk, polyester, and so on. Production costs incurred by the digital printing process at a cheaper fabric. In this business, a customer can bring his design which he creates in the form of digital file formats. He also scored in his favourite clothes. Another advantage to being gained by customers is its exclusivity. That is the only printed shirt printing limited. In fact, maybe only one in the world, if the client creates their design drawings. And it is a powerful weapon in rake off many consumers, especially the teenagers.

Then, how to start this business? Please you consider the following steps:

  • Prepare a place of business (place for appliances, display, electrical, etc.).
  • Make tools and materials, consisting of one computer set price of around 3-4 hundred dollars; Machinery Digital Printer to garment (DTG) price of about 50 hundreds dollars, but some are less dependent specifications; Be different sizes and colours everyday shirt. Plain t-shirts sold to consumers who do not have a personal shirt to print it; Textile ink, paper Teflon, and frame (frame) or placemat aluminium which usually come bundled with the printer engine.
  • Learn how to operate. If you have accustomed to operating a computer and printer to print the paper, it seems it will not be difficult to master quickly.
  • Doing business promotion. Besides through brochures, the best way to development in this company is printing some examples of personal clothing creations that later you or your family wearing when she walks out of the house. Stylish and promotions!

T-shirt printing is popular product at online shop now!

Well, as an idea in a nutshell. Is it ready to entrepreneurship? If yes, let us set the price. As a comparison, in the major cities, the price of T-shirt printing service + average $20, depending on the quality of shirts sold and also the quality of the printed image. Then it helps you to find information about them in your area. So, let’s do clothing business now !!! Send regards to success.

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