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Everything That You Need to Know About Hardscaping

Hardscaping is what used to describe the non-living things seen in the garden. Normally, this includes the birdbaths, sculptures, paving, patios and among other things. By integrating hardscape design to your lawn, you won’t just add aesthetic value to your property but monetary value at the same time.

In photography and graphic design as well, the element that is able to grab people’s attention is one of the major principle followed by professionals. As a matter of fact, this same principle is applicable to landscaping as well as hardscaping since careful planning and consideration is required in an effort to maintain balance across the lawn. It is nice to add foliage and blooms to your garden but try to regulate the use of it because too much of it can make your garden look like a rainforest.

You might want to add other elements and texture and contrast as well to be able to balance things out. Add focal elements and style to your garden in the hardscaping by adding big rocks and sculptures.

It is smart to retain or perhaps build additional walls in the event that you want to add dimension to your garden. You can even replace the back part of the garden using 2 short walls and add plants per every level. This enables you to maintain a theme and put together the same kinds of plants in various locations without worrying about making your garden to look uniform and dull. By means of adding terrace or wall to your garden, curved walls can serve its purpose by adding a sense of motion.

Another purpose why you should retain the walls in your garden is for hiding unappealing gray porch or even foundation. They can serve as protection for flowers that you’ve planted in the garden, pets running around or children playing. You can also raise the surface of your soil if you like to which can keep water to seep into the foundation.

Another element that should not be disregarded in hardscaping is the paving. This landscaping element doesn’t just serve the purpose of being a beautiful walkway but also, it protects the plants from being stepped on.

As a matter of fact, there are tons of different materials that could be used for paving and with different designs and styles that do range from a number of varieties, it is for sure that you will never run out of choices. Keep in mind however that building a pavement may open up other issues such as additional weeding and mowing.

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