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Get to Know Daryl Allan Katz

The Canadian businessman Daryl Katz is known for his big business ventures and charity. He is among the top richest men in Canada, he has a huge fortune, he is a billionaire. His business acumen cannot be compared to many. His remarkable business abilities make him stand out although he did law at the University. Since he is the founder and chairman of Katz Group of companies he owns many shares. The real estate sector, sports and entertainment and pharmacies are some of the business fields Katz group of companies deals in. The Katz group of companies is among the Canada’s largest privately owned enterprises. Edmonton Oilers belong to the Katz group of companies.

The founder of Value Drug Mart was the father of Katz. Apparently Katz got the inspiration of operating pharmacist from his father. After school breaks, Katz would join his father in running the pharmacy thereby getting inspiration from his father.

The alma mater of Katz is Alberta University. Katz practiced Franchise and corporate law after working for a while at a law firm. The first big business venture that Katz participated in was the one he partnered with his father to franchise for American drug store called Medicine Shoppe. After he acquired the franchise right he went on to start a drugstore in Canada which was the founding enterprise for the Katz group of companies. Katz kept on expanding his chains of pharmacies by acquiring new ones. There was the dramatic growth of Katz business as he went on expanding the drugstores far and wide.

Katz tried to find grounding in the US by purchasing Snyders drug store chain. He, however, didn’t make it and was forced to sell the Snyders drug stores due to bankruptcy. Katz never gave up as he went on to acquire the drug emporium in the year 2001.

After several years of trying to acquire Edmonton Oilers Katz found a breakthrough in the year 2008 when he was announced the official owner. After paying a whopping $200 million Katz was declared the owner of Edmond in the year 2008.

Rogers and Edmonton Ice district real estate project was given to Katz group of companies in the year 2014. The Katz group of companies is hailed for these mega real estate projects. The potential investors would find favor in the Katz group of companies due to these flagship projects.

Katz is involved in great philanthropy as he gave $7 million to the University of Alberta faculty of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences as well as the faculty of law thus becoming one among the kindest wealthy persons .

Katz is had homes in both US and British Colombia as well as a castle in Canada. Katz wife is known as Renee Gouin.

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