What Makes a Tori Richard Hawaiian Shirt Special?

Hawaiian shirts are popular among men’s fashions because they are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Those type of shirts have plenty of room, are colorful, and can be worn with shorts, jeans, khakis, and dress pants. The bold patterns are suitable for casual wear, resort functions, picnics, and even eating out at restaurants. The style is fun and reflects the personality of any man that wears one. There are many manufacturers of Hawaiian style shirts ranging from massed produced common brands, to exclusive custom brands. There are a few manufacturers that have been able to blend excellent quality with affordable pricing.

Some manufacturers, such as tori richard, have been successful for over fifty years because of the attention to detail, materials selected, and authenticity of the patterns. Cotton and silk are the best materials for Hawaiian shirts because they breathe, feel wonderful, and last a long time. Unique patterns, exclusive to this particular manufacturer, are created by Hawaiian-based artists and the shirts are made in Hawaii. A few new patterns are added to the line each year providing plenty of options from which to choose. Other high-quality manufacturers of Hawaiian shirts include Kahala, Paradise Found, and Bamboo Cay. These shirts are special because they do not look like every other brand, they are designed to keep their shape longer, and the patterns and colors will not fade quickly.

The best place to purchase high-quality men’s fashions is online for a wide selection and low pricing. Specialty stores may carry high-quality brands, but will be limited by space and be required to charge higher prices to maintain overhead. Online stores are not burdened by space limitations and have much less overhead to consider. The ideal situation is to find a physical store that offers online shopping as well. Customer services, such as alterations, hemming, and special sizing are available, along with the assistance of knowledgeable staff who are familiar with high-quality brands. Pricing is still lower than specialty stores without an E commerce website due to volume sales. The initial price of one shirt may be higher than those off the department store racks, but that one shirt will not have to be replaced in a few months like the cheaper version.